Transforming Infrastructure Performance

London 2023



PAS 2080 and the whole life decarbonisation of infrastructure

Adrian Johnson
Technical Director at Stantec

Heleni Pantelidou
Associate Director and Decarbonisation Lead, Arup

Maria Manidaki
Technical Director – Decarbonisation, Mott MacDonald

Headline feedback from Productivity, Value Toolkit and MMC/Platforms workshops

Dr Jennifer Charlson
MMC Manager, IPA and TIP Platform Accelerator Chair

Dr Jennifer Schooling
Director, Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Alison Nicholl
Head of Constructing Excellence at BRE

Mark Worrall
CEO, BBI Services

Darren James
CEO, KeltbrayAlison Nicholl

What good looks like: innovating with MMC and delivering social value through the prisons programme

Sue McElroy
Deputy Director, Government Commercial Organisation, Cabinet Office

Raj Singh
Principal Project Manager, Ministry of Justice

Gareth Jones
Head of Technical Standards, Ministry of Justice